5th Class

Term 3

11/05/2020 Setting up the Seesaw app for all pupils today. Slightly different to the set up for other classes. I will send you a code that will bring you to your page in our 5th class. If you are unable to use Seesaw don’t worry and just continue with the classwork I will post here in a while. Remember you can still contact me by emailing hospitalnationalschool@gmail.com and put “Ms Keating” in the subject line. Hope you are all well.

Please use the following link for numerous activities that could be completed at home. Just choose the ones you like!!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gasHX74OYHHH4hrrP5Y823FarA_TgnuI/view?usp=sharing


English: Keep a daily diary- date carefully and remember your experiences will be in the next published history books

Irish:  Caoga Caoga App: – try the quizzes and improve your vocabulary

History:  Next chapter: The Sixties- Choose a figure in it and investigate them further

Geography/ Science: Read next chapter. -Irish Mountains, lakes & Rivers. Look up World Book online and Science Sparks for interesting information and things to try

Maths: Next week Mental Maths. Revise 24 hour clock every day. Practice long multiplication

Music: Listen to “Close to you”. Choose a part and learn it. The “high ladies” part will suit most of you but some please try the “lower ladies”

Keep practicing confirmation songs, do the seomra ranga daily stay at home  quiz, try learning some of the sign language alphabet, do some baking and        above all, be helpful at home.